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Our Services

No two businesses are exactly the same. We customize your proposal with your specific growth goals in mind. Here is a list of general services we offer.

Readiness Review™

Go from reactive to proactive and take control of the process with us. With Readiness Review™, we provide you with a diagnostic of your leadership operations. You will receive feedback on your operations, tactics and strategy with actionable tasks to follow that help you with our DIY version of our services.

*Ideal as a standalone or foundational session to the Virtual on Demand CFO or Dedicated Fractional CFO Services..

Dedicated Fractional CFO Services

Looking for more than just advice? Discover the power of partnership with our Dedicated Fractional CFO service. Our seasoned CFOs offer more than just oversight; they become an integral part of your team, providing comprehensive financial management tailored to your business's needs.

Examples of what your CFO could handle:

  • Strategic Financial Oversight: Monthly financial reviews to keep your business on track.

  • Proactive Planning: Budgeting and forecasting for informed decision-making.

  • Comprehensive Support: From audit preparation to mergers and acquisitions, financing analysis, and beyond.

  • Leadership for Growth: Navigate your company's growth with confidence, avoiding the costly mistakes of going it alone.

Our service is the perfect solution for growing companies that need the expertise of a CFO but are mindful of the budget. With us, you gain a dedicated partner who meets with you in person or via video at regular intervals, committed to achieving your financial and accounting objectives and helping you outline a clear strategic path forward.

Navigating Financial Leadership Transitions with Ease

Faced with Unexpected CFO Challenges?
Whether your CFO has unexpectedly left, is on extended leave, or you're dealing with a financial project that's too big to handle, our custom interim plans provide the stability and expertise your business needs.

Seamless Interim Support
Finding the right CFO takes time and careful consideration. We offer interim CFO services to keep your operations smooth and uninterrupted, ensuring your financial strategy doesn't skip a beat. Our seasoned professionals step in quickly, aligning with your team’s pace and maintaining the financial helm with skill and precision.

Beyond the Interim
Our support extends beyond just filling a gap. We assist in the transition and orientation of your new CFO, providing coaching and guidance to ensure a seamless handover. For businesses facing significant transactions or deals, we offer expert management services to take the pressure off your team, allowing them to concentrate on driving business growth.

Let’s Tailor Your Solution
Don’t let financial leadership gaps or overwhelming transactions slow down your progress. Contact us today for a tailored solution that keeps your business moving forward.

Virtual CFO Access: Expertise On-Demand

Need a Financial Expert to Consult With?
Imagine having the convenience of a CFO at your fingertips. With Virtual CFO Access, you can. Whether you're deliberating over buy or lease options, puzzling over transaction accounting, or strategizing operational performance, our Virtual CFOs are here to provide the guidance you need.

Flexible, On-Demand Consultations
No question is too big or small. Our Virtual CFOs offer personalized consultations to tackle your unique financial challenges. Access expert advice through email, text, or call — it's like having a CFO in your back pocket.

Choose Your Plan, Tailor Your Success
Every business is different, and so are your needs. That's why we offer flexible subscription plans to match your consultation frequency. Select the plan that best suits your business requirements and never feel lost in financial decision-making again.

Ready to enhance your financial strategy with expert advice when you need it? Explore our Virtual CFO Access plans and find the perfect fit for your business needs.

C-Suite Coaching: Unlock Leadership Potential

Elevate Leadership, Transform Your Business
Leadership is more than just a title; it's about making a real impact. Our C-Suite Coaching service is dedicated to enhancing the leadership skills of founders, CFOs, and key team members. We go beyond traditional coaching by helping leaders maximize their team's potential, enhance job satisfaction, and drive significant improvements in company performance.

Tailored Coaching for Unmatched Results
Investing in the development of your leaders is crucial. Don’t let your investment in talent go underutilized due to a lack of personal development. We bring the depth of experience and knowledge necessary to foster growth and inspire excellence in your leadership team.

Comprehensive and Customized
Whether you're looking to coach an individual leader or your entire executive team, we offer personalized coaching programs designed to align with your specific goals and challenges. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; we tailor each engagement to meet your unique needs and objectives, ensuring impactful and lasting change.

Ready to transform your leadership and accelerate business success? Contact us to discover how our C-Suite Coaching can create a roadmap to excellence for you and your team.

What Our Clients Say

gary allen_edited.png

Gary Allen, Board Director and investor

"I have engaged duHadway for several of the companies that I have invested in the financial services, real estate and food & beverage sectors.  Without a doubt or hesitation, I will continue to engage them on any future investments.  What you won't get is business school theory or pontification.  What you will get extreme integrity, no b*llsh%t and actionable, practical advice."
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